Eesti Arhitektuuri Muuseum

Corporate identity project for the architecture museum of Tallinn - Estonia. Exhibited in the Eesti Arhitektuuri Muuseum, 2012.These typefaces are my concept for the new identity of the Architecture Museum. I want to make the type recognisable enough that they don't need a lot of other image, color or other form rules for their identity. The biggest form problem to me was that the museum uses different fonts that don't suit the form of the logo from the museum. The logo of the architectural bows needs a typeface that suits it's shape. The type is designed with the use of the bow shapes of the previous logo. With these shapes I created three new typefaces. They can be used together. The type should be used through the whole corporate identity supported by a sans-serif lower case letter, or a later designed lower case letter based on these capitals.